Kinderland Shuvalan Mini is ready to welcome its little guests!

With a total area of 2300 m2, “Kinderland Shuvelan Mini” is a multi-facility family entertainment center for all ages! Here children have fun playing in various activities and acquire basic professional skills. "Play and Learn" is the main motto of our brand.

Kids experience and learn about 7 different professional alternatives at specially designed centers (Arts and Crafts Center, Supermarket and Interactive Kitchen, Fashion Studio, Beauty Center, Fire Station and Hospital).

Real-life activities at the “Kinderland Shuvelan Mini” play an important role in preparing children for their future and making them grow up to become happy and successful contributing members of society.

Children have fun and spend productive time playing with their peers in “Kinderland Shuvelan Mini”, in activities such as arcade games, trampoline areas, city mazes and climbing walls. Offering fun opportunities for children of all ages, “Kinderland Shuvelan Mini” helps kids create unforgettable and extraordinary moments.

“Kinderland Shuvelan Mini” has 2 Karaoke Clubs and 2 Party Rooms for family fun and birthday parties. Depending on the number of guests, Karaoke and Party rooms can be combined to ensure bigger rooms. This way, large families will have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable and fun moments. While holding a birthday party at our venue, we offer guests a choice of set menus for both children and adults.